Weatherization Assistance Program



CDLI – Long Island’s Weatherization Subgrantee Since 1980

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) assists families and individuals by reducing their heating/cooling costs and improving the safety of their homes through energy efficiency measures. Owners/landlords of buildings occupied by low-income households are also encouraged to apply for assistance for their buildings. Participants who reside in a rental unit, please call our office to obtain a copy of the Landlord Preliminary Agreement for your landlord to fill out and sign.

Program services are delivered through New York State Homes and Community Renewal’s statewide network of local service providers. CDLI is the provider of weatherization services for Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Funds are made available through the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

Funds are available for approximately 400 homes each year. Applications are addressed on a first-come, first-served basis. If an application is incomplete or determined to be ineligible, you will be notified within 48 hours.

Typical repairs may include but are not limited to:

  • Weatherstripping & Caulking
  • Attic & Wall Insulation
  • Heating System Improvements or Replacement
  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Energy Efficient Refrigeration
  • Hot Water Tank & Pipe Insulation
  • Smoke Detectors & CO Detectors
  • Window Repairs or Replacement
  • Exterior Door Repairs or Replacement
  • Other Minor Repairs That Improve Energy Efficiency

Please note that all repairs are determined after a comprehensive energy audit has been completed by one of CDLI’s BPI-certified Building Analysts. None of the above repairs are guaranteed.

All services are provided without charge or obligation to the occupant of the home. However, owners of rental buildings are required to invest funds toward the cost of the Weatherization services.


  • Applicant must reside in Nassau or Suffolk County.
  • The assisted home must be the primary residence of the applicant.
  • The assisted home CANNOT be for sale or subject to bankruptcy or foreclosure.
  • Gross annual household income cannot exceed 60% of the State median income (please see below chart)
  • OR: Household can be automatically eligible if a member of the household receives Code A Supplemental Security Income (SSI-Living Alone), Public Assistance, Food Stamps, or HEAP Benefits. Applicants meeting one of these criteria MUST STILL submit ALL other documents listed below on page 3 except for income.
  • For landlords with qualifying tenants, a $200 energy audit fee must be paid up front, which will be applied to the landlord’s mandatory 25% contribution (i.e. if costs of total weatherization services equal $4,000, then the landlord is responsible for $1,000).


The household income limits are as set forth below and are in effect as of November 16, 2021. The household income limits are subject to change as determined by New York State. Income includes all sources of income for all members of the household – overtime, bonuses, pensions, social security, 401K distributions, tips, etc. Total household income minus allowable exclusions cannot exceed the maximum gross annual income listed below for the household size. CDLI will project the income that will be received for the upcoming 12-month period.

Household Size









Maximum Annual Income @60% SMI










  • Interested participants must submit an application to CDLI, together with ALL required documentation (please see checklist below). Applications are available on-line at or by calling (631) 471-1215 x155 or by emailing
  • CDLI will conduct an assessment to determine eligibility and notify the applicant of their status.
  • If eligible, CDLI will schedule an appointment at the premises for an energy audit to determine the scope of work, consistent with program requirements. The assessment will be conducted by CDLI staff.
  • CDLI will issue a request for contractor bids detailing the scope of work and award the job to the lowest responsible bidder. PLEASE NOTE: CDLI maintains a list of pre-qualified contractors who will be solicited to perform the work. To be eligible for the program, applicants must agree to utilize a contractor selected from this pre-qualified list.
  • The property owner must enter into an agreement with CDLI setting forth, among other items, the scope of work, the completion deadline, the right of CDLI to inspect the premises and work, and monitor on-going compliance.
  • Property owner(s) must sign an Authorization Letter with CDLI prior to commencement of work (please see Section IV below)
  • CDLI will oversee and manage the work, performing interim and final inspections as required.
  • Final payment to the contractor will not be made until the property owner(s) have signed a statement confirming that all work has been performed to full satisfaction. CDLI does, however, reserve the right to sign off on the project if the inspector deems the project to be in accordance with all CDLI guidelines.

All property owners will be required to execute an Authorization letter with CDLI setting forth mutual understandings and agreements with respect to the program. A copy of the Authorization is attached.

  • REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION: A fully completed and signed Application must be submitted, together with ALL of the following documentation:
  • Photo ID: Copy of photo identification for all property owners (i.e. driver’s license, State ID, passport, etc.)
  • Electric Bill: Copy of your most recent PSEG Long Island bill or bill from municipal authority (i.e. Freeport, Greenport, Rockville Centre).
  • Heating Bill: Copy of fuel usage history. Natural gas customers should submit most recent bill from National Grid. Oil and propane customers must submit a 24-month history of deliveries (either a printout out from servicer or all delivery receipts for the 24-month period).
  • Proof of Ownership: Copy of Property Deed, Property Tax Bill, or Mobile Home Bill of Sale. If a deceased person is listed on the document, we will also need a copy of the Death Certificate. If you are having difficulty locating any of these documents, please inform us and we will attempt to assist by conducting a public records search.
  • HEAP, Public Assistance, Food Stamps, or Code A SSI: Provide CDLI with your most recent award letter and you will automatically qualify. If you do not receive any of the above assistance, then you MUST provide CDLI documentation for all sources of income for all household members ages 18 and older.
  • OR: Income for All Household Members – See below for applicable documents.
    • Social Security/SSI/SSD/TANF/Unemployment/Workers’ Comp/VA Benefits – Copy of most recent Award Letter or most recent check
    • Pension/Retirement – Copy of current letter or printout from company indicating monthly income
    • Wages – (4) weeks of pay stubs from everyone who is working and living in the home 18 years old and older; dependent full-time students must supply proof of student status.
    • Self-Employment – (3) months of business records for (3) months prior to date of application
    • Alimony – Court papers or support collection printout
    • Rents – Income tax form, rent receipts, or notarized statement from applicant listing each apartment and the rent received per month
    • Interest/Dividends/Insurance Proceeds/Estates/Trusts – If any of the following is a regular source of income, please provide a current statement from your bank, brokerage firm, or insurance company.
    • Gifts/Assistance from Family, Friends, Etc. – If you receive regular assistance from any third party, please provide a notarized letter from them stating what they provide to you and how often.


CDLI is fully committed to enforcing the spirit and the letter of Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 (Federal Fair Housing Law), the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the New York Human Rights Act, and the Suffolk County Human Rights Act. CDLI will not discriminate in the sale, lease, advertisement or financing of housing against any individual or family because of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran/military status, source of income, familial status or presence of children in a household, or on the basis of any other protected class.


For additional information, please go to our website at or email us at

Household Details

Applicant Details

Other Contact Options


Household Member Details


Residence Details

Landlord or Owner

HEAP and Household Members

Enter the number of household members who are:
Persons with Disabilities
Black or African American
Hispanic or Latino
Native American
Asian or Pacific Islander


This section must identify and be signed by the person who is responsible for the energy bills for this residence.

Primary Heating Fuel

Secondary Heating Fuel

Note: If there are other suppliers that provide you with fuel or energy or with which you have a service maintenance contract, please click "Add another supplier" below and add their information (names and addresses, the fuel or energy service(s) provided, and your account number(s) with those suppliers), so that the Subgrantee can also contact them for your past and future fuel bills.
Electric Utility

Authorization for Release
Customer Authorization for Release of Fuel/Energy Bills (for past 2 years and next 2 years)

To Fuel and Electric Suppliers listed on this form: I hereby authorize release of information on my fuel bills, both past and future, to CDLI or its designee. I understand that this information is being made available to help evaluate my energy use patterns in order to identify potential and actual energy savings resulting from work performed or services offered through the Weatherization Assistance Program.

Privacy and Certifications

Personal Privacy Protection Law Provisions
The New York State Personal Privacy Protection Law (Public Officers Law, Article 6-A) requires in section 94(1)(d) that each subgrantee that maintains a system of records provide each subject from whom it requests information with certain notifications as provided below.

Name of the agency requesting the information: NYS Homes & Community Renewal
Name of the system of records: Weatherization Data Collection and Reporting System
Agency official responsible for the records:
Director, Energy and Rehabilitation Services
NYS Homes & Community Renewal
38-40 State Street Albany, New York 12207

Sections 416 and 417 of the Energy Conservation and Production Act (P.L. 94-385) require the State to keep records for the purposes of monitoring and evaluation and for the preparation of reports to the US Department of Energy and to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the NYS WAP funding providers.

Program regulations contained in 10 CFR 440.22 require that eligibility for the program be established, which requires the collection of personal information, including the Social Security number of the applicant. If information requested on this Weatherization Application is not provided, the applicant's dwelling is not eligible for WAP funds. This information may also be used to perform data matches with other state and federal agencies, to verify your eligibility for WAP services.
Applicant Affirmation
I subscribe and affirm, under the penalties of law, that the statements made in this application for weatherization assistance (including statements made in any accompanying papers) have been examined by me and, to the best of my knowledge and belief, are true and correct. I also state that no person named in this application is subject to disqualification for weatherization services under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (Public Law 99-603). I understand that by signing this application, I consent to any other inquiry to verify or confirm the information I have given.

I realize that there is to be no lien or mortgage held on the property involved and that this has no effect upon my Social Security, Public Assistance, or any other income that I may have. Also, the weatherization work done will not obligate me financially, and I will not be held liable for any injuries or damages occurring on my property which are not a result of my negligence or malfeasance.

I understand that this application for weatherization assistance does not guarantee that assistance will be granted but will be used in determining eligibility for the program. Whether or not an eligible applicant will be provided assistance will depend in part upon the number of applications received, the remaining funds available, and the priorities to be met by the program.

I have read and understand the provisions of the Personal Privacy Protection Law (above).

Owner Certification
I certify that I am the owner of the property listed as my address on this form. I further certify that I have given my permission to allow workers at this agency to enter my residence to complete an energy audit, and to do whatever weatherization work is determined necessary as a result of that audit, on the property listed at the top of this form. I understand that no payment will be required for this service and that I will not be held liable for any injuries or damage.